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Glenmuir was established in 1891 and since then has been leading the way in Golf and Leisurewear. Today they supply gear to the European Ryder Cup Team as well as quality apparel to various clubs in the UK. We took a look at a few items from the new Glenmuir Spring/Summer catalogue

Ledmore V Neck Supersoft Jumper (Diamond intarsia design)

Although doing a report on clothing is not as easy as equipment, this jumper ticks all the boxes. The patterned style of pink, black and white, offers a classical but stylish golf look. It is 100% cotton meaning it has been easy to wash as well as warm. A negative I find with most knitted jumpers is that the cuffs around the wrist stretch and get in the way of the hands gripping the club. But Glenmuir have successfully overcome this problem by making the cuff slightly tighter and longer so that they haven’t stretched at all since first use. The cotton is also extremely soft and light weight and causes no itching of the skin. In summary, a great product and no negatives – definitely an item that any wardrobe could do with.

Kippen Polo

A great polo – no thrills and spills, but does the job. 100% combed cotton gives a good soft feel to the shirt. Cuff and collar stripes to add to the design. Only thing to bear in mind is that with Glenmuir, if you are a large jumper you are probably a medium t-shirt, but otherwise is a great polo and will be wearing regularly on golf days.


With the recent inclement weather trying out these MacWets has been a real pleasure and extremely useful. The first thing to say about these gloves is that they work. You could wear them all day in a storm, grab a club straight out the bag and the club will not slip or twist,  even on heavy impact. The mesh on the back of the hand is also great for when it’s a bit warmer, to cool down the hands.

Wearing two gloves feels a bit odd at first but after a few holes you completely forget about the second glove or even that you hands and the grip are wet. The technology that has been in the MacWets for years is great and if you do not have a pair then I would seriously consider getting a pair. Do this before you have a bad round in the rain rather than after. The durability of these gloves is also second to none probably even last longer than your bog standard dry weather glove, so all in all, a great investment.

George Howard
PGA Assistant Professional

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  1. SOS Golf Tour March 13, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    Will this range be available anywhere else in the world, or is that part of the long term plans?

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