Why Women Love to Golf

The Executive Women’s Golf AssociationAccording to the Huffington Post, there are more women golfers now than there ever have been before. And it’s no wonder – the list of reasons behind the boom in women golfers includes reasons such as business and fitness, which have traditionally been male concerns but are now becoming increasingly dominated by women. In terms of business, the benefits of being able to play a round of golf with a client are manifold and not ones which modern businesswomen are willing to miss out on.

The Executive Women’s Golf Association

With the rise of women golfers there has also been in increase in the number of women’s golfing clubs and associations. By connecting like minded women through golf, these associations aim to make the sport both more social and more competitive for women who may have found themselves excluded from already existing, male-dominated clubs and events.
Women’s golfing associations often prove to be valuable resources for other types of information and opportunities. The Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) offers its members the chance to obtain exclusive deals and offers on golfing equipment, recipe books and conferences.

Resources for Non Members

If you have only just ventured into the world of women’s golf and are not a member of any golfing associations, there are a number of equipment resources to get you started. Ladies Golf Clubs from 118 Golf come highly recommended, as do their clothing and bags and information resources for new and experienced women golfers. There’s never been a better time to join the game than now.

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