Golf can damage your hearing

In a recent article in the British Medical Journal ear specialists have claimed that golfing can damage your hearing…..I said,”CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEARING!” The doctors’ suspicions were aroused when they treated a keen golfer (3 times a week for 18 months) who had unexplained tinnitus and reduced hearing. Further tests confirmed that his symptoms were similar to those experienced by people exposed to loud noises.

Based on their findings the doctors are warning keen golfers that they could be damaging their hearing. The cause of the damage is thought to be the noise associated with the sonic boom heard with modern thin-faced, Titanium clubs. One Driver singled out for particular mention was the King Cobra LD Driver, which received a lot of negative feedback on the noise it generated (read my own comments on the Cobra Driver from way back).

Despite having come in for special attention, it turns out that the King Cobra LD Driver was not the worst offender. In a series of further tests with a professional golfer, the sound levels at impact were measured for a series of popular drivers including Callaway, Nike and Mizuno. The Ping G10 came top of the class with an ear shattering 130db.

The researchers conclude that golfers should consider wearing ear plugs for their own protection. Oh great! on top of all the criticism for our choice of clothing, we’re now going to have the piss ripped out of us for wearing earplugs – there’s no justice.

Having said this I’ve got my eye on a neat pair of bright yellow, industrial ear-defenders, although I haven’t bought them just yet as I’m hoping they’ll come down further in price, during the January Sales.

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