Golf Tips for Beginners


More expensive clubs suggest a better golf playing experience and provide higher quality manufacture for longer lasting clubs. Beginners usually start with shorter irons working their way up to the longer irons.


On the Fairway, clear the mind of all distractions. Remaining calm and concentrated during your golf game helps you have a better experience. Take deep breaths in between holes, contain anger and remember golf supports stress relieving symptoms.

Proper Stance

Perfecting your golf stance requires extra practice. Use proper technique to guide you. Begin by relaxing the muscles, keep your head still and place your feet parallel to the golf tee and ball. A correct stance allows for a greater swing path.

Gentle Grip

Many beginners tightly grip the golf club like a baseball bat, but a gentler grasp allows for a tighter putt with more force behind the club. Arrange the left hand above the right on the shaft (stick of the club) with your thumbs pointing down. Wearing a golfing glove helps by providing a non-slip grip and putt.


Keep both eyes on the ball and focus on transferring the energy of your swing to the ball. This will improve your aim. Also focus on the distance between the ball and a few feet from the hole, because the ball almost never lands in the hole.

Swing and Impact

Pull the club back, planting both feet on the ground while twisting the torso slightly and follow through with the swing to engage the golf ball flight. Shouting the reputable “Fore” word after hitting the golf ball warns others in the area that a ball may land anywhere, so play with caution. With eyes glued to the ball, track it continuously until it lands. Practice swinging the club to improve your skill at driving and putting.

Putting and Practice

The longer the game is played, the better your putts will be. Practice putting for 10-15 minutes each time while varying the distances and terrains. Putting close to the hole requires a more controlled drive than putting from afar. In this instance, stiffen the muscles for a tight grip on the club then follow through depending on the distance between the hole and the ball. At this time, clear all distractions from the mind again and focus on the drive.


Plenty of practice required for a professional golfing level.

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