How To Store Your Golf Bag (The Right Way)

For every golfer, there comes a time to put the clubs away. No, this is not about retiring from the sport. But each year, cold weather, rainy seasons and lengthy business trips mean having to store the golf bag for an extended period. Unlike the pros of the PGA and LPGA Tours, who today play year round, the average golfer has regular downtime.

The problem many have is being unaware of how to store bags in an optimal manner. To help golfers avoid damaging their equipment, when putting it away, following are the top tips on storing a golf bag.

Find a Temperature-Controlled Environment

A steady temperature is best for clubs. Storing a golf bag in a place where there are regular temperature changes can lead to damage. It is best to locate a room temperature location and leave the club there. Avoid any room where things get either too hot or too cold.

Unfortunately, many golfers make the error of leaving their bags in the car. The thinking is that the trunk is a secure location, safe from rain and other precipitation. Doing so is wrong. The car, especially if parked outside on a regular basis, undergoes extreme temperature changes.

Also avoid humid storage areas to prevent mold and mildew.

Place in an Upright Position

Always ensure that the bag is upright and the clubs are in the same position. Tangled clubs can wind up with dings.

Again, the car is a bad location to store clubs. It is common for golfers to retrieve their bags when the new season begins, only to find clubs bent from being tossed about while driving. This equipment does not come cheap, as any golfer knows. Treat clubs with respect.

Use Head Covers

If possible, keep clubs covered while in the bag. Drivers and woods are especially susceptible to scratches and dust.

Keep Everything Ultra-Clean

Last, but not least, always ensure that the bag and clubs are clean before putting them away for the off-season. Dirt in the bag can corrode the clubs.

After checking the bag for debris, wash all the clubs with soap and water. Let them dry before replacing in the bag.

Now Enjoy the Off-Season

With a bag properly stored, it is time to enjoy the off-season. There is always some professional golf on television. Watching a few rounds should help prevent the doldrums.

Most importantly, be confident that the bag and its contents are in a safe location. Then, when it is time to play again, everything will be in tip-top shape.


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