What Is A Sunday Golf Bag?

Golf is one sport in which it offers the player top physical exercise and a decent cardiovascular workout. Golfers know better than anyone else that they can carry a load of unnecessary equipment that they never use, but have just in case they need the item. Compare a golf bag to a woman’s purse. It is because of the heaviness of a standard golf bag that golf carts, golf cars, and caddies are available.

Golfers are trending towards a peaceful Sunday golf game. Golfers who opt for a Sunday game are taking only the necessities with them to play the game. Some golfers have their usual golf bag and an additional bag just for that Sunday game, thus called the Sunday bag.

This one to two strap golf bag made of a lightweight material compresses easily and is folded down to fit into smaller spaces. There are no dividers or numerous zipper sections or cooler sections on these bags to increase weight. These bags accommodate, at best, no more than nine clubs.

All golfers agree that any bag weighing up to four pounds empty is not too much to take around the course. Golfers, as a rule, carry Sunday golf bags and use no stands or carts. The majority of golfers opt for a Sunday bag with a stand that collapses to keep the bag from getting wet or soiled by laying it on the grass, and the additional weight is not enough to make any great difference when carrying.

Affordability and light in weight are the primary goals for a Sunday golf bag. You want the material to be durable, lightweight, yet rugged. By light weight your bag should not weigh over four pounds, empty. Some golfers need the assurance that when they enter the course, they have all the clubs they might need, thus prefer their Sunday bag accommodate a full set of clubs.

The purpose of a Sunday bag is not to rely on a cart or golf car. At most a Sunday bag should have a simple stand to keep the bag off the wet grass. The golfer is going to need the bag to have one or two carry straps. The bag must be collapsible to accommodate small spaces in the car or at home. The Sunday bag has a lot less storage space than the regular golf bag. However, it should have at least one secure pocket for your keys, wallet, and cell phone. It is also ideal if the bag comes with a cover for ease in traveling and storage. The manufacturer should have a variety of colors to choose from because this is an important option for many golfers. To find a Sunday golf bag with all these features may be difficult to impossible to find.

You may or may not find a Sunday bag offering all of these options. However, you will find a Sunday bag that has many more pros than cons to meet your needs for a peaceful Sunday round of golf. No, a Sunday golf bag is not meant to have all of the options of your regular golf bag, but it does meet your need for a quick impromptu game of golf. The ideal Sunday golf bag with the following is a golfer’s dream.

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